Our Programs

  • Group Seminars and Workshops
  • One-on-One Sessions

Group Seminars and Workshops (The Distribution Phase)

The seminar will present an overview of the concepts presented in the book, Positioning 4 Retirement. It will be t, followed by a discussion on the implementation of the strategic placement and planning techniques in order to create income streams needed( required) during retirement. A brief overview of trusts and asset protection will be discussed. Creating and implementing a long-term care plan designed for different situations will be discussed. Comparing and analyzing programs offered by insurance and investment companies in regard to long-term care, Medicaid, taxation, and estate planning concludes the seminar.

The presenters are industry professionals in estate and elder law, certified public accountants, and insurance and securities advisors. 


One-on-One Sessions

One-on-one sessions are designed for the individual or couple who want privacy and direct exposure to the RERCNA team of professionals. Reading Positioning 4 Retirement prior to the session is a requirement. It is to the advantage of the individual or couple to attend the group seminar and workshop as well. Since the focus is specifically on your information, presenting documents such as trusts, will, POA, etcetera are not necessary; however, their availability will maximize the session. One-on-one sessions generally last one to two hours and usually include at least two meetings. In the primary session, we discuss your objectives and an overview of assets. The second session is a presentation of options to meet your objective. Additional sessions are based on the outcome of the prior sessions.